5 Green Cars expected for 2016/2017

There are almost 5 green cars that are expected for 2016/2017 that you can buy. These models are special for their unique features, speed and lots of other specifications. The 5 green cars expected for 2016/2017. Click here to read more info about 2016/2017 new cars.

Chevrolet Bolt

This car can surprise everyone with its five-passenger concept in the Australia. It was initially demure but actually produced as one of the best 2016 car models. The concept of this car was introduced in North America in International Auto Show in Detroit. It is an amazing electric vehicle that can be an affordable model in the market in the EV range. All electric vehicles of the future are based on the EV concept with a bold design. It will be an affordable global EV solution. Every aspect of this innovative car and technology will be really special. Read more http://www.forbes.com/sites/jimgorzelany/2015/05/28/the-hottest-new-cars-for-2016/

Chevrolet Volt

It will be the first plug-in car designed with various unique features to boost EV range from 38 to 50. The 2016 car models may contain teeny jump seat in the middle back row for children. The starting price can be less than $34,000 and it is eligible for $7,500 federal tax. It is available with more than 100% EV range. The phone offers better mileage than Ford Fusion and it also offers enough room. It is better than another similar model because PHEVs can’t come close to the restricted batteries. The Volt has great features and spruces up the offers of GM. The Chevrolet Volt is completely a battery operated car with high Volt and all-electric range to 35mi.

5 Green Cars expected for 2016/2017

Tesla Model 3

The 2017 new cars models are latest models with advanced prototypes and these are running around the vicinity of Tesla. You can cover 200 plus mile range. The car may start its operations in the next year in Reno and the Nevada will be supplied for the 3’s batteries and it can be the biggest headline. The car was designed by Franz von Holzhausen who stated that the Model 3 will be the original creation of Tesla. The entry of BMW in the EV space will be priced double than the Model 3.

Next Nissan Leaf

The new 2017 car models are expected with latest designs and the sales can be more than 2010. The mid-sized EV has capacity for 5 passengers and it will be a great deal for 2017 new cars. It can beat Chevy Bolt with more than 200-mile range and new battery chemistry. The EV makers are bold enough because the loyalty factor of the buyers may stay with Nissan. The Nissan is famous for the car development and as per the life cycle of six to seven years, the special upgrades may be introduced through 2024 or more.

Fourth Generation Toyota Prius

The Toyota hybrid has almost 70 percent market and among 2017 car models, it is expected to grow. The Prius 2016 may be introduced with unmatched pedigree and more than 58 mpg. The Toyota claimed to introduce a sportier car with 15 percent more efficient. The car will be really efficient with more than 50 mpg as compared to the present vehicles. The people have high hopes with Prius because they want it with better features than Ford, Hyundai, GM and Honda.

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