Traveling With a Baby Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare Experience

Just because Hollywood would have you believe that every family flights results in
screaming children, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Sure, there will be times for man parents where this is the situation they find themselves, however, these are often the parents who weren’t prepared.

To prevent you from becoming these parents during your next family vacation, follow the tips below.

What’s the Plan?

The last thing that you want to do is to realize, the night before you fly, that nobody has any real idea about what to do the next morning.

Instead, a few nights before you leave, sit down with your family and make sure that everybody understands what they need to do in the morning, and what they need to bring with them to the airport transfer service.

If you think that you will come up against problems, don’t be afraid to do a test run to iron out any kinks in your plan.

What does this have to do with traveling with a baby? The primary reason why baby items are forgotten at home, causing crying babies on the plane, is because parents were too preoccupied with ensuring other children are preparing themselves. With this plan, you can focus all of your attention on your baby.

Keep them entertained

Just as you don’t want to be on a dark plane for an extended period of time, your child isn’t too fond of the experience either. The best way to keep them entertained is to keep them entertained! That means that you should use everything you have available and be sure it’s fully charged and packed in the carry-on bag before you leave.

Whether it’s movies, games, or music, or even small toys from the Groupon Coupons page for Babies R Us, ensure that it can be used without an internet connection and that it is accessible for your baby.

Snacks and Drinks

While it’s true that you can’t take water bottles on the plane with you, there is a number of other items you can. Small Tupperware containers of snacks, such as fruit slices, biscuits, and candy, can be taken through security t airport and eaten on the plane. Additionally, there will be a number of small kiosks near your boarding gate where you can get small bottles of water and other drinks to use during the flight.


If anybody in your family is taking medication then, the night before your trip, put a piece of paper on your front door to remind everybody to check off as they leave that they have it with them. If they aren’t able to show it at the door, send them back upstairs to get it!

The worst thing to happen on a long haul flight is for you to realize that your little one is having an allergic reaction or another ailment which could be easily solved with medication, if only it wasn’t left on the kitchen counter at home.

Just because a story about a bad family vacation makes for great movies doesn’t mean that your family vacation has to follow the same path.

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